2019 Christmas Greeting


Are you a Grinch or an Elf? Everyone at AdSavants is in the holiday spirit this season. Well, most of us. 😉 Check out this video explaining why we love the holidays.

What’s your Christmas tradition?

Amanda N. – I still continue this tradition. We do one Christmas gift at a time, so not everybody opens them all at once.

Mary K. – We usually put a tree up in almost every room, so I know it’s a little crazy, but that’s what we do. We’ve done it since the kids were little, and the kids each had their own tree. Now we do it for the grandkids.

Tia – Well, mostly the traditions center around food, so ravioli, homemade ravioli is the big thing in our family.

Katie – We usually play games, like board games, during Christmas day. Monopoly is a big favorite. Sometimes it takes too long, and then we get bored, and wanna play a different game.

Melissa – When Santa comes, I got downstairs, and we start the video camera, and capture the kids. Even though they’re old, and don’t necessarily believe, they still believe in the spirit, so we do the tradition of capturing them coming down the stairs, and to their gifts.

What’s your favorite holiday treat?

Amanda K. – I drink a lot of Baileys over ice, just straight.

Melissa – My grandmother and I have a tradition that we drink Baileys after dinner Christmas Eve together. So, it doesn’t matter how full you are, how much you’ve eaten or had to drink, you have a Baileys with grandma, and that’s how you wrap up Christmas Eve.

Tim – I definitely like chocolate chip cookies, and I usually eat too many during the holidays. And really, any type of desserts, I’m a big fan of during the holidays.

Tia – Baileys, we make homemade Baileys in our family. That’s become quite a tradition over the last several years, and I’ll be bringing some of that to the office.

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

Amand N. – My favorite is probably “Oh Holy Night”.

Tim – You know what? There’s actually, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani came out with a new song, I think it was last year. And of course I can’t think of the name of it. It is, I can’t remember.

Mary – “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”, it was really special to my dad. But I do like, probably no one else would know this song, “Christmas Is” by Percy Faith, it’s just very soothing. I like that and “Silent Night”.

Amanda K. – Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” is of course a staple. I think it’s the 25th anniversary of it this year, I heard that the other day, which is crazy, it makes me feel really old, but you can’t turn that song off when it comes on.

Tia – There’s a couple songs by Enya that I really like on the album called “Winter Night”.

Tim – Oh, I know what it’s called. It’s called “You Make It Feel Like Christmas”.

Are you a grinch or an elf?

Amanda K. – I’m definitely not a Grinch. I don’t know that I’m as far as an elf, like a “crazy about Christmas” person, I’m somewhere in the middle.

Katie – I feel like an elf. I don’t know, I feel like if I start doing Christmas stuff too early, then I would turn into a Grinch.

Amanda N. – An elf, I’m an elf, we know this . We all know I’m an elf .

Tim – I would say definitely an elf.

Melissa – Oh, total elf, total elf, yeah. I love, I love the giving part of it. I get excited to see the kids get excited, I get excited to share with my friends. I love the lights, first thing in the morning, I’ve got the tree turned on, I’ve got the candles burning. I love all that stuff. Total elf.

Mary – An elf.

– [Angela] It sounds like you’re an elf .

Mary – An elf, oh yeah.

– [Angela] I think James and I are the only Grinches here. Really?

– Yes.

– Oh my gosh!

Tia – I love you all . I love working with all of you. We had a great year, and I look forward to next year.

Melissa – Merry Christmas, everybody, and here’s to a great 2020!