4 Advertising Resolutions For 2020

4 Advertising Resolutions For 2020

Now that the decorations are down and the last of the holiday treats have been devoured, it’s a great time to take a look at what you hope to achieve with your advertising in the coming year, and perhaps make some promises to yourself about how to keep this year’s advertising resolutions.

In that spirit, we offer a few thought starters to consider as you navigate the increasingly complex world of marketing.

Advertising Resolution 1: Get Healthy

In advertising, the equivalent of diet and exercise is media and message. So, how balanced is your media plan? These days, it’s tempting to go for low-cost options that promise great results, but sometimes those approaches end up being the equivalent of empty calories. Instead, try taking a media-agnostic approach to media planning, which ensures you’ll reach your best prospects at the perfect time, in the ideal place.

How active is your messaging? A great way to start your new year is to engage your core. As in, your core purpose. Every brand has one. It’s the essence of what truly makes your brand different, and what drives you to be your best. It’s also a highly accurate and actionable roadmap to your positioning, communication and culture.

Advertising Resolution 2: Get Your (Data) House In Order

A new year is a perfect time to clean out and update your data systems with best-in-class resources. Make sure your pixels are firing and your goals are mapped correctly in Google Analytics or other online attribution platforms. Analyze your email marketing to scrub your list of unengaged users or utilize an email validation service to help reduce bounce rates. (Bonus: here’s some email design inspiration, too!)

Today, there are so many amazing tools to assist with your measurement, metrics and analytics programs. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of all that’s available. Because your competitors probably are.

Advertising Resolution 3: Build Stronger Relationships

One way to find out what makes your brand special is to talk to your loyalists. Every day. Creating a loyalty program might just be the perfect way to enhance those relationships. Your customers will benefit from special rewards, incentives or advice. And, you’ll gain a better understanding of who loves your brand, giving you inside information as you consider messaging and critical decisions like brand extensions.

Advertising Resolution 4: Try Something Different

This year, why not take a small portion of your marketing budget and employ it toward a new channel or new method of engaging with your target audience?

Today’s marketing landscape is awash in new and provocative ideas, techniques, technology and media. The latest Martech supergraphic from Scott Brinker has created this somewhat scary visual of 7,040 solutions that are now available for marketers. So even when you think you’ve tried everything, there’s a pretty good chance that you haven’t. Take a risk. You’ll never know until you go!

MarTech Landscape For Your 2020 Advertising Resolutions

What resolutions are you making to create a more productive 2020?

We’d love to hear from you, so please reach out and share your thoughts. And Happy 2020 from your friends at Advertising Savants!