6 Tips For Optimal Online Presence Optimization

6 Tips For Optimal Online Presence Optimization

Do sentences containing the words “online presence optimization and search engine optimization” stress you out? At some point, all of us have been in a conference room and heard these words used in succession and immediately thought, “huh?”  If you’ve ever been in such a position, you’ve come to the right place.

 At first glance, Online Presence Optimization (OPO) seems like a term created to intimidate the good folk of the marketing industry, but it’s actually the key to building awareness of your brand or business. OPO is the process of making your brand (not just website) visible to your customers in the places they’re the most active online. 

Enhancing your brand’s presence online is a lot like the game of golf. You can’t pick up a set of clubs and kick-it on tour with the pros your first time on a course. You have to put in the work to be successful. 

Optimizing your brand’s web presence involves a variety of moving parts, and requires constant ongoing work. Online Presence Optimization depends on search engine optimization, social optimization, blogging, paid advertising, and reputation management. These components are vital to creating an optimal presence. Here are some tips to grow your Online Presence Optimization and make your brand or business pop online.   


While it’s no longer the only key in generating online visibility, SEO is the OG in the online presence optimization game. Your brand should still exploit all opportunities with SEO by actively looking for opportunities to get inbound links to your site. And, it’s critical that your website performs optimally on desktop and mobile, from a technical and keyword perspective. 

Update Your Info.

There are hundreds of business directories across the web, like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and many others that often have misinformation and duplicate listing of your business. So, make sure your information is correct across all major directories, and boost your brand’s search discoverability using your business name and core keywords. 

Does your directory health hold up? Check your online business information with help from our listings scan. See how your critical location data appears across multiple search engines and directories. 

Make Great Content. 

It’s 2019, and content is king. Try to actively publish fresh, dynamic content across multiple platforms to grow your brand or business. BuzzFeed didn’t become BuzzFeed just by posting blogs about dating and the hottest new restaurants.  Adding news and business updates regularly are favorable for both consumers and search engines. Also, explore different multimedia opportunities like video content and podcasts. A couple of great resources on this subject are HubSpots’s Content Marketing Guide and the official Content marketing institute.

Are You On the Gram? 

Social media is one of the most important aspects of growing your brand or business. It’s essential to make sure your social media profiles are not collecting digital dust. Managing your social media accounts takes persistent outreach, consistent posts, audience interaction, and brilliant content #callback. Allow consumers to engage with your brand. Search engines look for social signals like shares, likes, and social mentions when using search algorithms. 

Pay To Play.

Though it may seem like a shortcut to building a successful brand, paid advertising is a fast and effective way to drive traffic to your website and boost your online presence. Still vital to the process, display and social ads are suitable for awareness building and customer journey, whereas paid search mirrors the intent of the consumer.  Your paid search can also complement your SEO efforts. Combining SEO and paid search is a lucrative way to bring more qualified traffic with high conversion potential to your website. 

Be A Brand of The People.

Your online reputation matters to consumers looking for businesses. So, it’s essential to keep a positive image in the eye of the consumer.  Monitor your business mentions online across a variety of sites, and respond to reviews of your business on sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Reply to all reviews (good or bad), and encourage happy customers to leave reviews and testimonials of your business to boost the online visibility of what your customers have to say. 

Online Presence Optimization is the key to discoverability and growing your brand or business presence online. 

 So, next time your sitting in a conference room talking about online presence optimization, feel free to drop some sweet brand-building knowledge on your co-workers.

 What are some other ways you’ve used to enhance your online presence? Feel free to reach out and tell us what you think.

And don’t forget to check your online business information with help from our listings scan