Is the right combination of media essential to a successful campaign?

Is the right recipe essential to a perfect soufflé?

We connect brands to consumers through myriad communication channels and social platforms. But the key to true engagement is delivering brand content in the right place at the right time. So people don’t perceive it as an intrusion, but invite it into their lives.

More and more, awareness is consumer controlled, not mass media generated. So we consider how to connect with the right audience through the right combination of paid, owned and earned media.

Paid Media

For immediate, large-scale reach, there’s no media like paid media. You control where it’s placed, so you can be sure your customers will see it.

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Owned Media

A powerful way to build loyalty is to communicate directly with consumers. Owned media channels let you do this—provided you have the right content strategy.

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Earned Media

When people want opinions about brands, they look to people they depend on, for opinions they trust. Endorsements from these relied-upon sources give your brand priceless credibility.

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