Our Cameras are Rolling on Stone

At Advertising Savants, we communicate through multiple channels for our clients and we understand that creating valuable content is imperative. One aspect of our marketing efforts includes video blogs, or vlogs, that are concepted, shot and produced by our in-house video group. The capabilities of our nimble, run-and-gun team allows for a real-time look into a brand with a slice-of-life style. I’d like to share with you the success we’ve had with one client in particular.

Rock solid vision  

Unique Stone Concepts is the preeminent wholesale distributor of natural stone and quartz products in the Midwest. Their mission of providing the highest level of customer service along with best possible selection of materials is very strong and we wanted to share it with consumers in unique ways. One way we have been able to achieve this is through vlogging. 

The consumer purchase of stone is an individual and highly personal decision, so gaining trust and loyalty amongst customers while they are in the development stage of their project is important. Vlogging allows customers to personally connect to the Unique Stone Concepts brand because the people that make up the brand–the stone gurus–are featured. The vlogs showcase the people of Unique Stone Concepts as thought leaders and experts in the industry.

The making of a vlog is not set in stone

Vlog topics are determined monthly and while we are always prepared with a loose script, we find once we hit the editing suite we tend to be drawn to the charm and warmth captured in the natural personalities of the stone experts that exude as the cameras are rolling. It is always fun to see various personalities play out and shine on video–some of our best footage has been captured this way.

Leave no stone un-filmed

One objective of creating these vlogs is to show breadth in the variety of topics we
cover and to make sure they are of interest to fabricators, designers and consumers alike.

One of my favorite videos to date is “Our Customer Experience” which offers a start-to-finish look into the consumer experience from the selection process to fabrication, installation and completion. A brand new video in this series highlights the amazing connection a customer had with one of the in-house designers and really showcases the customer service aspect of the Unique Stone mission.

The “Monthly Exotic” series features an exotic stone and highlights Unique Stone Concepts ever-changing and extensive inventory. Also discussed are surface uses and reasons why a particular stone is unique.

We’ve also created an “Ask the Experts” series where the in-house stone virtuosos answer questions about uses, durability, trends and more.

Solid results

Our vlogs have garnered very positive results for Unique Stone’s presence. We continue to see web traffic increase monthly and engagement is tracking well. Developing topical and entertaining content has been a key to creating their successful brand image.