Capturing the Moment through Digital Video

Digital video continues to grow in popularity and can provide an interesting, visual and cost-effective way to meet client goals. As the need increases for efficient and effective videos, our team continues to build our capabilities to better support our clients.

Digital videos allow a clients’ message to reach their audience where they already are—social media. These social platforms allow users to gather quick information through short and enticing videos.

The digital videos we developed for the Greater St. Louis Area Council, Boy Scouts of America are great examples of the benefit digital videos can have on a client’s business. We created three videos, each focusing on a specific summer camp offered by the Council, to use for camp recruitment. We gathered footage at each camp based on a previously determined framework, with the flexibility to capture the camp activities that were already happening, as opposed to staging events.

This unscripted approach allowed us to truly capture the boys’ personalities and the fun they have at camp. Their thoughts were their own, their smiles genuine and their friendships were real. Our team was just there to capture it as it happened.

Digital video was such a successful tactic for the Boy Scouts in 2016 that we returned to the camps this year to develop two more videos: one that can be used as a recruitment tool for summer camps and one to recruit new Scouts.

The videos are used on the Greater St. Louis Area Council, Boy Scouts of America social media channels, website and are also distributed to council leaders to share at recruitment nights. Digital video really gave us the opportunity to show the fun Scouts have as well as the learning and growth that each boy experiences.