Earned media is exposure that your brand “earns” in free media. Unlike traditional advertising, you can’t buy this exposure by paying for space. Here, the customer becomes the channel. Once you gain the attention of your consumers, you can convert them into brand advocates and influencers who will in turn promote your brand to others. It’s word-of-mouth marketing, with a modern spin.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO provides increased web traffic by matching your website content to the search expectations of consumers. So when they’re looking online, it becomes easier to find you.

Social & Blog Monitoring

Monitoring allows you to keep up on industry trends and track the competition. Knowing what consumers are saying about your brand is an important first step to starting a conversation with them.

Online Reviews

Online reviews help you to build a trustworthy brand. Consumers respond to online reviews, which help them feel connected to a brand—especially when they are rewarded with responses to their comments.

Social & Blog Interaction

Online comments and responses give your brand an opportunity to build community and increase SEO. By interacting with consumers on a more personal level, you can also enhance your brand’s image.

Guest Blogging

Guest bloggers can be great relationship builders for your brand, as well as great profile builders. Guest blogging lets you position your brand as an authority willing to reach out to other experts who can facilitate introductions to new potential customers. This helps you become more well-known, both within your industry and with new customers.

Public Relations

By boosting credibility through trusted information sources, public relations communications help you develop a stronger, more controlled message for your company.


Customers are more likely to trust your product when referred by friends or family—someone whose opinion they trust. Recommendations have inherent value that can’t be bought. Another bonus: they’re free.

What’s the right media recipe for your brand’s marketing success? Contact us, and let’s talk ingredients.