Marketing To Millennial Moms

Millennials Are Parents?!

Moms rank among the top groups of consumers with the highest buying power. Plain and simple: They make the purchase decisions and are a lucrative target market. But, if “moms 25–54” have been your primary target audience, you’ve probably been noticing a shift over the past few years. You must shift as well, and embrace the power of marketing to millennial moms.

As the millennial generation continues to age, they are now primed for parenthood. There are so many studies and opinions that have been drawn about millennials; but, how does that change once they become moms and dads? What strategies and tactics do you need in order to garner loyalty from this demographic?

One thing is for sure: The old marketing tactics alone, won’t work. So what is the best marketing mix to utilize when marketing to millennial moms? There are so many ways to answer that question. We’ll explore some approaches below.

Invest in Blogs and Social Media

Did you know that millennials are 247% more likely to be influenced by social media and blogs? So, if you want to attract the attention of this skeptical group, you will need to understand how millennial moms consume media and invest in blogs and social media.

There are a variety of ways to do that. Of course, brands, nowadays, are essentially publishers. They have to be subject-matter experts and content creators. So maintaining a consistent stream of content is important when marketing to millennial moms.

But what if you don’t have the resources to execute?

Agency partners are a good place to start. Whether it’s finding efficient ways to create content, or partnering with influencers who are already creating content that is relevant to your brand, agencies can help connect the dots and ensure success when marketing to millennial moms.

Connect with Their Interests

Millennial moms want to feel like your brand was created with their interest (not their wallet) in mind. For this reason, your marketing strategy needs to connect with the problems, hopes and interests of today’s moms. Simply put, make sure your campaigns appeal to their values.

Purpose-based marketing is one of our specialties and something we’ve been doing for years. When you can connect consumers to something ‘bigger than themselves,’ it’s a win all the way around.

One of our favorite case-studies in this realm is the breadth of work that we’ve created for the Saint Louis Zoo. Without going too deep into the weeds, over the past 20+ years, we’ve been able to strike a balance between the Zoo’s conservation efforts and visitor marketing, to connect moms to the deeper mission of conservation. (Check out some of our work here.)

As a result, attendance continues to grow, year over year. And the impact that the Zoo is able to have on the world grows as well. We could talk for days on this matter, so reach out if you’d like to hear more.

Invest in Video Marketing

When marketing to millennial moms, video is no longer optional. If you want to attract the attention of millennial moms, it is vital that you invest in video marketing. That doesn’t mean you have to set aside a seven-figure production budget and have a big media budget to go along with it. It simply means quality video content, delivered on a consistent basis.

What do we mean by quality? Quality content. A good HD camera, lighting and microphone is a nominal investment these days and a must for good ‘technical’ video. But, in addition, we recommend you really put a focus on the idea.

Aim to create content that your audience will fall in love with. Provide solutions. Educate. Entertain. Go behind the scenes. Connect them to your brand.

Think Mobile and Local (Even if You’re Not)

Millennials are the first generation to truly be “mobile first” and have the highest rate of ownership of smartphones of all generations. And as they’re becoming parents, their time is more valuable than ever before. Make your way into the lives of millennial moms by keeping your messages short and to the point. Plus, make sure it all looks great on a smartphone.

And, in the world of “everybody is selling something,” there’s something refreshing about a brand that takes a more personalized approach. Dig deeper than you normally would to ensure that your millennial mom audience knows that you care about them, and their community.

Need Help Marketing to Millennial Moms?

Navigating this space can be challenging, we know. How does this all translate to the real world?

Should I be on SnapChat? Is Facebook still relevant? What about traditional channels like TV, radio and outdoor? How should I allocate my budget? What should my message be on each channel?

Marketing to millennial moms entails a lot.

But with every new bright and shiny object, there’s a foundation that must be built. Build. That. First.

And as always, if we can help, let’s find some time to chat. Building the foundation that brands need is where we shine. We have a unique ability to clear the clutter and define a clear path forward, based on your goals, intensive research and strong, solid strategy.