Owned media works through channels your brand controls, to build longer-term relationships with existing and potential customers. Its power lies in its ability to communicate directly with consumers who want to engage with your brand. Both a strong content marketing strategy and an equally strong social strategy are necessary for owned media to be successful.

Brand Identity

What does your brand look like? In a world cluttered with imagery, you need more than just a strong logo. Every visual element must work together.

Collateral Materials

Physical materials—those consumers can get their hands on—can really help your brand stand out.


The foundation of your web presence, a compelling website is necessary to communicate your brand’s offerings, strengths and purpose in the crowded online space.

Mobile App

Convenient to use, mobile apps enhance your customers’ brand experience and loyalty by enabling them to connect with your brand anywhere or any time they can access their mobile devices.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to talk to your customers in an inexpensive, timely manner, delivering messages with a personal touch.

Blog Posts

Blog posts establish authority, thought leadership and trust. They also help search engines find your brand, because every post is like an indexed page.

Social Posts

Social posts help your brand establish thought leadership and online credibility, and build a social community. They can also help Increase visits to your website or physical location.


Podcasts allow listeners to connect with podcasters—and your brand—on a more personal level. They can be easily accessed through mobile devices, so consumers can catch your brand anywhere they go.

White Papers

Creating white papers allows your brand to educate consumers and market to them at the same time. It lets you provide shareable content that builds influence and customer interest.

Lead Generating Content

Providing potential customers with content they find valuable can be an effective way to draw them to your brand. Experimenting with new types of content can expand your reach and create an opportunity to weave in details about how your brand can meet customers’ needs.

Digital Video

Want to increase your searchable “footprint” online? Digital video is a persuasive tool that helps your brand build trust and credibility by strengthening targeting, reach and interactivity.

What’s the right media recipe for your brand’s marketing success? Contact us, and let’s talk ingredients.