Paid media includes any medium that must be purchased. This investment buys your brand marketing immediacy, reach and scale that other kinds of media can’t deliver. Making a paid media strategy work takes an extremely well-thought-out plan and execution, along with a message that communicates a compelling call-to-action driven by consumer benefits.


With programming and content offered through hundreds of cable, broadcast and online channels, television enables you to reach audiences both broad and specific.


Radio effectively reaches specific audiences by delivering audio marketing messages through broadcast or online channels.


Outdoor advertising can help keep your brand top of mind any time of day, anywhere consumers work, shop, travel or play.


Print advertising and its online counterparts offer an effective way to reach a narrowly defined target.

Direct Mail

With its unique capability for targeted reach and response tracking, direct mail can help you not only get your message to a specific target; but also track who responds to it.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing brings people to your brand and website by helping them to see you more frequently in online searches.

Banner Ads

Banner ads increase awareness of your brand online, and ultimately drive traffic to your website.

Social Advertising

Social networks offer a rich opportunity to develop a community for your brand, but simply having a presence isn’t enough. You also need a strategy to help you strengthen and grow your audience.

Influencer Marketing

By using key leaders to carry your brand’s message to their audiences, influencer marketing offers a powerful and authentic avenue that can work hand-in-hand with social media and content marketing.

What’s the right media recipe for your brand’s marketing success? Contact us, and let’s talk ingredients.