Small Wonder

Throughout my entire career I’ve worked at large advertising agencies. Agencies housed in big buildings with big conference rooms which were, regrettably, often filled with big egos. So, coming to a shop of a dozen or so associates I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Now, after a bit of time in my new environment, I’ve come to understand and embrace the characteristics and differences of today’s modern small shop. Let’s start with what matters most.


People. At a small shop, you get to know everyone. Every. Single. Person. You know their names, their job functions, their musical tastes, their lunch preferences, even the names of their children and pets. And guess what. When people really know each other, they learn to trust each other. At AdSavants, everyone has everyone else’s back. Which means our clients know their projects are going to get done on time and on budget – come hell or high water – with the power of the entire agency team. There’s a good word for that:


Flexibility. In an industry filled with specialists, small agencies are the natural habitat of multitaskers. Account Directors learn to take killer photographs. Copywriters help develop key strategic insights. Art Directors cover recording sessions. This approach not only provides everyone with a wider view of the advertising business as a whole, it makes us all eminently more valuable. Just ask our Office Manager, Roxanne, who once starred in one of our radio spots. This get it done attitude means we make every minute and every dollar count, which leads me to my next point.


Efficiency. For brands looking to get the absolute most out of a marketing budget, it’s hard to imagine a more cost-effective way to do business than with a small agency. We’re not saddled with tremendous overhead, so we can be very competitive with our bids when we really want a client or project.  With a lean and hungry staff, our turnaround times are fast. And, due to the very nature of small business, our clients have our undivided attention every day of the week. For them, speaking with someone at the agency who can immediately make things happen is as easy as picking up the phone.


Culture. Beyond our awesome family vibe, we enjoy a culture that’s all about collaboration. Truth is, it’s easier to collaborate with various disciplines when you see them every morning in the kitchen. At AdSavants, sharing ideas happens organically. And when that happens, our creative product wins. And when that happens, our clients win. And when that happens, we throw a party. Yeah, that’s one of the biggest differences of all. Small agencies still know how to have fun.