What We Do

First we develop a distinctive brand strategy based on consumer insights and informed by our tested-and-true strategic positioning model. Guided by our strategy, we infuse each brand with its own distinctive personality through communications created to connect with people in an emotional way. We then bring brands and consumers together through smart combinations of media channels and social platforms.

Brand Strategy:

How important is strategy to a brand?
How important are roots to a tree?

Like a tree, your brand is a living thing. Above the surface are the communications consumers see, but its real strength is rooted below. That’s strategy. The deeper and more resilient your brand’s strategic roots, the stronger your brand and its communications. It takes time for your brand to develop these roots, but the long-term results are worth it.

Strong brand roots start with a defined core purpose—the difference your brand is meant to make in the world and in people’s lives. Then we create an architecture that clearly identifies the position and experience you want your brand to own. Nurtured by research and creative interpretation, this will grow into something that people will invite into their lives and want to share.

Ready to help your brand put down roots and grow? Get in touch, and let us help you cultivate.

Creative Development:

Is great creative important to your marketing mission?
Is a dramatic finish important to a memorable story?

Every brand needs a story—one that starts with a big idea and connects with consumers on a quest for a great brand experience. Big ideas come in many forms. At Advertising Savants, turning brand strategy into big creative ideas is at the center of what we do. We create fresh ideas by connecting elements in a way that adds value to your brand and forms the foundation for all your brand communications.

In a world that’s become a perpetual marketing event, big creative ideas are more important than ever to distinguish your brand, create a vision and set the tone for story telling on multiple media stages and social platforms.

Even the most captivating advertising creative can fall short unless it possesses the power to connect with consumers emotionally as well as intellectually. It can be the difference between winning minds and also capturing hearts. As well as customers.

Learn more about how we help brands tell stories that create connections.

Audience Engagement:

Is the right combination of media essential to a successful campaign?
Is the right recipe essential to a perfect soufflé?

We connect brands to consumers through myriad communication channels and social platforms. But the key to true engagement is delivering brand content in the right place at the right time. So people don’t perceive it as an intrusion, but invite it into their lives. 

More and more, awareness is consumer controlled, not mass media generated. So we consider how to connect with the right audience through the right combination of paid, owned and earned media.

Paid Media

For immediate, large-scale reach, there’s no media like paid media. You control where it’s placed, so you can be sure your customers will see it. 

Paid media includes any medium that must be purchased. This investment buys your brand marketing immediacy, reach and scale that other kinds of media can’t deliver. Making a paid media strategy work takes an extremely well-thought-out plan and execution, along with a message that communicates a compelling call-to-action driven by consumer benefits.

Owned Media

A powerful way to build loyalty is to communicate directly with consumers. Owned media channels let you do this—provided you have the right content strategy.

Owned media works through channels your brand controls, to build longer-term relationships with existing and potential customers. Its power lies in its ability to communicate directly with consumers who want to engage with your brand. Both a strong content marketing strategy and an equally strong social strategy are necessary for owned media to be successful.

Earned Media

When people want opinions about brands, they look to people they depend on, for opinions they trust. Endorsements from these relied-upon sources give your brand priceless credibility.

Earned media is exposure that your brand “earns” in free media. Unlike traditional advertising, you can’t buy this exposure by paying for space. Here, the customer becomes the channel. Once you gain the attention of your consumers, you can convert them into brand advocates and influencers who will in turn promote your brand to others. It’s word-of-mouth marketing, with a modern spin.