You’re gonna need a bigger boat…

SaA little #TBT to the Shark campaign for the Saint Louis Zoo.

Six years ago this spring we were charged with introducing St. Louis to sharks when they joined the stingrays at the Saint Louis Zoo’s Caribbean Cove. The most exciting part about the exhibit was you could actually put your hand in a pool with fish that you generally avoid. You know, things that can sting or bite.

Side note: Did you know sharks and stingrays are cousins? They are both made entirely of cartilage—not a bone in their body. Even their teeth are big, modified scales. Proof that the spineless are indeed the scariest.

So with a playful pep in our step, we set out to invite people to overcome their fears and pet these elasmobranchs.

Creatively we did this through a prankster grandpa, some grandkids and a story—in the TV spot “Shark Tales.”

Want to know more about sharks? Head to Shark School on the Saint Louis Zoo’s website.